From the airport, take the underground to “Trindade” station, in downtown Porto (around 25 minutes). In the underground station you will find bus stops, and using routes 900, 901 or 906, get off at “Ribeira” (5 stop route in around 5 minutes). Go down this little stretch of street and you will find yourself in Praça da Ribeira. Alternatively, if you prefer to walk a little, on arrival at "Trindade" underground station, you can change vehicle and follow the yellow line, getting off at “S. Bento”. From here, go down Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, always in the direction of the river, until you reach Praça da Ribeira (less than 10 minute walk).

If you arrive in the city by train in Campanhã Station, you can choose to get on another train and get off at S. Bento, in the centre of the city, or follow the underground until “Trindade” station, following the indications above.

By car, always have as a reference the River Douro. For patrimonial reasons, the historic region of the Ribeira is a prohibited motor zone, but you will find a covered car park two minutes away from PortoSense Apartments, in Praça do Infante Dom Henrique.

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